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Flying ants

How to Get Rid of Flying Ants in the HouseNeivamyrmexMaleCo2a

In most cases you won’t need to do anything to exterminate flying ants as they will go away by themselves. In cases where the problem is very grave, however, you may want to take steps to exterminate the flying ants by getting a professional in to treat them with professional pesticides .
These ants will respond to the majority of pest control methods available on the market , but you should only resort to pesticides if you have tried non-chemical methods without success. By destroying flying ant colonies near your home, you will prevent them from infesting your house in the future. The following information gives you some methods of removing flying ants in the house.

Flying ants may be found inside or outside of your home and this means that you have to inspect the entire area surrounding your home when you first notice them. This will allow you to find out where they are coming from. Inside the home, flying ants prefer damp or moist environments with wood, such as rafters under the roof, the porch, window sills, leaky plumbing areas, the bathroom, or by any sink. In cases when their numbers are limited, just use an object or an aerosol ant spray to kill them.



Find The Nests

Your best chance of getting rid of all of the flying ants in your house is by finding their nest. Keep in mind that there may be more than one nest, but you can use gel bait to find the location(s) of the nest(s). Ants will come out and eat the gel bait and bring some of it back to their nest. Paying attention will let you see where the nests are while the bait will eliminate other ants within the colony, including the queen.

One of the best ways to prevent flying ants from infesting your home is to eliminate any waste that is in your kitchen, but in some cases this is not the case as a infestation can accrue without waste food being present. Keep in mind that these flying ants will eat your kitchen waste, so it is essential to keep the area clean and promptly store all leftovers. Be sure to place the leftovers inside tightly covered containers.

Flying ants tend to only appear several days each year when the weather is perfect for them. The queens will develop wings, rising in the air and the males surround them. These may travel a few feet or much farther and this serves for mating as well as forming new colonies. The female loses her wings after mating and will then search for her colony’s new location. Males fall and die after mating. Although the mating process is brief, you should kill them to prevent future infestations.

Make Your Own Trap

Boraxi acid is poisonous to ants as well as humans so be very careful with it , but mix equill amount of borax acid and sugar , mix with a little water into a paste , spread on a piece of card , and ants will readily eat it and take it back to there nests.

When searching for the right commercial pesticide, opt for one that is labeled for use with ants and the ants will bring back to their nests as these will quickly kill the largest numbers. You will find stations, granules, and gels as well as protein or sugar-based ones so try different options. Always follow the instructions.



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