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Fox kills lambs

I received a call from a local farmer at the beginning of the week saying he had found two dead lambs ,and that he thought he had a fox about . So on the evening of Wednesday 13th November  I went to the farm with the my trusted rifle and lamp with filters in my pocket expecting a long wait,and what would be around 25 minutes after setting up atop a old fire engine  (which is used to water turf on this farmers  fields ) , when low and behold this cheeky fox pops  out of the hedge to see what I was doing …………hence that was the last he ever saw in this world .

There had been reports of  a number of fox kills in the area , so hopefully that`s the end of it for a while .

The farmer has been in touch saying no more lambs have gone or been killed ……………

People may read this and say , “that`s cruel” , or  they should`nt be shot ………..try telling a farmer who looses money by dead sheep, lambs , game birds, chickens to foxes , and then when your food bill goes up who is the first to complain …………..the customer at the tills .


A new device Pestguard are trying out to capture foxes called the Collarum , which is a non lethal specific device for fox and dog , it simply used a cable to hold the animal in place after capture, bit like a dog on a lead.




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