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Mink ( mustela vison)


They  are a destructive animal that will kill anything that it can catch , including rabbits,voles,rats,mice,ducks,fish.

There habitat will consist of many miles of river banks, ponds, lakes , and even shore lines throughout the UK.

Mink  (mustela vison)  will be found hunting around the waters edge looking for the opportunity of a free meal ,they will invade all rabbit sets , and kill  what ever they find , they will also invade other dwellings that are also close by , like chicken runs in gardens,and even search for food in garden sheds.

Control of these deadly critters should not be taken lightly,and by no means by the untrained or unskilled person as it is a specialist job that requires specialist equipment and understanding of there habits,together with knowledge of there habitat.

Brian Sowerby at Pestguard has been trapping and controlling mink for the past 27 years ,and is well versed in there control.

If you suspect that you have mink (mustela vison ) on your rivers, lakes or ponds , then contact Pestguard as soon a possible,or contact your local council who will have details of who to contact .

River Wear in Durham has reports of mink as does the river Tees in Stockton

Mink Raft below




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