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Pestguard were called to a customers home after they had exhausted all avenue of control for a mole problem on a newly laid rear back garden lawn ,they had had other pest controllers  set traps , to no avail, even the local council people tried ,(not pest controllers )  still to no avail , two of the council traps that were placed in the mole run  were not even set .

So with the help of my trusted trapline  traps , Pestguard placed 16 mole traps  in the  customers lawn………

24 hours later ………..two very dead moles caught ……….result.

All trapline traps remain in place for a further 24 hours , or until no more signs of mole activity.

Lots of people try setting mole traps themselves which they have bought at a local store , only to find that either the mole has “back filled ” the traps and set them of prematurely , or that they are  set incorrectly within the mole run…………lots of these traps a cheap import traps with very weak springs .

Pestguard recommend that if you are to use your own traps , it pays to buy the best, so spend that little bit extra , and buy a reputable trap .

Pestguard have been treating for moles for the past 30  years , and are a  members of   Mole Catcher UK and as such have a vast understanding as to how moles behave and work , and how and where to set traps in the correct manner.

If you have a mole problem then call Pestguard today……….you know it makes sense






Update on the mole trappings for the past 2 weeks  16/3/2015


There is a vast increase of moles through out the North East that Pestguard are getting called out to treat , we think as a result of the mild weather.

Pestguard were called out to a playing field with a considerably amount of mole hills showing

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