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Moles (talpa europaea) ………..How do I get rid of moles in my garden?

Moles in your garden ,......... how do I get rid of them .


Moles can be a  real problem in any garden or on your lawns, and before you know it, you have a  lawn or garden  that resembles  a plowed field.

There are a number of ways people have tried to rid them from there lawns  and gardens , some not legal , but many have tried them  most have  failed .

The best solution……………………… is to hire a professional mole catcher .www.

Mole traps are the best  option , but again not many people know how to go about setting them properly , and for that matter , which trap to use.

Pestguard have been treating and catching  moles for the past 30 years, and as such, have a understanding of how moles work ,and what they do at certain times of year.

Mole control is what it says it is “Control” , Pestguard will maintain a level of control in your garden against moles .


Most people will ask if they will still get moles in there garden after treatments ? , the unfortunate answer is  yes there is a possibility you will , if steps are not taken to help get rid of the tunnels that they make , the best solution we find is to use a garden fork in between the tunnels and collapse the tunnel  , hence making it more difficult for other moles to move in .

Have a look around your property ,over your garden fence / walls  does your neighbor have moles ?, if so then the likely hood is you will continue to get moles from adjoining properties.

We encourage customers to ask there neighbors to help get rid of there mole problem also , we do combine charges for for multiple jobs ,its well worth asking .

Does this look all to familiar? , Do you have a mole problem ? then call Pestguard today.






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