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Home Insurance Pest Cover

Do you have Home Insurance ?

Have you got Pest  Insurance Cover linked to home insurance/

We at Pestguard strongly suggest that you ask your insurance company about home insurance for pest cover  as it can dramatically save you a lot of money in the long run .

A typical call out for pest control can range from county to county and can cost you  £45 to over £150 for some pests  per visit , and some call outs consist of at least 2 visits , and in the case of rats & mice up to 3-4  visits .

Your home insurance pest cover  will cover you for almost all  situations , from ants to wasps , and a lot more in between.

Just imagine a squirrel in your loft , it will destroy your insulation by making a nest (dray ) with it , chew through your electrical wiring,which may cause a fire,it will  chew water pipes , which then leak , causing flood damage , dislodge roof tiles , which again will let water into your loft causing more damage .

Rats will also gain access into your loft space doing the same amount of damage as a squirrel.

With all the floods we have had of late , the rats will have to go somewhere high and  dry and away from the water , (they dislike being wet ) and there is no better place for them than in a nice warm loft .

Rats will also gain access into your flooded property via toilets , so if you are unfortunate to be  flooded , plug your toilet,close the toilet lid , and place a heavy weight on top of the lid   to help stop them.





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