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At Pestguard we get lots of calls from tenants and landlord as to who is responsible for getting rid of insects  and rodents  and who is responsible for paying .

Most landlords will pay for pest control services , as they like to keep there tenants happy,but tenants also have to keep the landlord happy too.

Landlords do have a duty of care towards there  tenants,as does the tenant who is also responsible to keep the property pest free ……….. BUT , their is a  catch 22 situation , if a tenant moves into a empty property and it is pest free  , then technically speaking the tenant  is responsible to pay the cost to get rid of any pest that appear after they move in .  ……BUT if the pests are present when the tenant moves into the property   then the landlord has a responsibility to get rid of them , and pay any costs ….now here is the catch 22 ….proof that the pests were in the property to start with , or appear afterwards .

Pestguard offer  a pest free  survey inspection to all landlords ,estate agents ,and letting agents in the North East of England of  all  empty property to ascertain if it is pest free from insects & rodents and thus eliminating the responsibility from landlord as to who is liable for paying before a tenant moves in .

We present a certificate of evidence of  the property to say it has been inspected from top to bottom ,and all findings and recommendations clearly marked .

All property`s are different , and as such they incur different costings for this service .

Please call for a survey of your property today .

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