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How to deal with Wasps

Pestguard recommend that you do not attempt to destroy a wasp nest yourself.

We have come across many situations where customers have used  cans of wasp nest destroyer foam, only to be stung for there efforts,and in some situations a wasp sting can be fatal to those who have never been stung before …………………..anafalactic shock is a killer

When using wasp nest destroyer , you must inject the nest with the spray , it`s no good sparying the hole where the wasps are going in , the mesage is in the title “WASP NEST” ,the foam expands inside the nest to “DESTROY” it ……….thats why its called  “WASP NEST DESTROYER”

If you spot a wasp nest in your loft/shed/garage etc, in the winter time, don’t be tempted to remove it yourself, as there could be “live” wasps still inside and a great possibility you will be stung… a professional in to deal with it.

Below is a example of a  wasp nests we often come across , and most are active .

wasp nests treated from £40

Wasp nest /control in Newton Aycliffe, Shildon,Darlington,Richmond (North Yorkshire),Bishop Auckland, Durham,Teesside , Middlesbrough.


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